Our Approach

A thorough legal analysis of cases, personal and dedicated care, and uncompromising professional representation is a life-time concept of the office. Nevertheless, the office holds the belief that the mediation alternative must be considered before conducting a legal process.

The representation in the various legal cases is not uniform. Furthermore, the difference exists between one case to another, even in similar cases. Therefore, each case is examined by the office team, legally and strategically, even before applying to a suitable court or negotiation.

We believe in intelligent legal papers that convey the voice of the litigant faithfully in court or negotiation while maintaining a respectable legal discourse.

Legal Research

Factual and legal research of the office’s pillars. Each case is examined and assessed, in its early stage and so at every stage of its handling countless times. Depth and breadth calculations are conducted to delineate the appropriate legal avenue to maximize the legal status of the client. Equally important is the cost of managing the case. We believe that deep factual and legal research leads to a significant save in case management in the courts and / or in the process of mediation.

Discussing with the client

Discussing with the client is an important tool in learning the legal issue and managing the case. We believe in the synergy between the lawyer and client from the preliminary stage Onwards. Collaboration and discourse in a case’s management are among the office’s foundations; therefore, we are attentive and available to our clients in personal meetings and other media.


As is well known, mediation is an excellent tool that helps resolve disputes efficiently and infinitely outside the court walls. In a mediation proceeding, contrary to a judicial decision, the parties reach an agreed solution with the mediator’s assistance. A successful mediation procedure also leaves a pleasant atmosphere between the parties. Our office is engraved on its flag to try to reach a middle ground even in complex conflicts before going to judicial courts, in cases that allow that.

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