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“Who is hero? One who make his hater to his lover”

(Avot D’rabbi Natan, version A, 23)

Commercial Law

Worldwide Accompaniment and legal representation of companies during the process of establishing and liquidation and in the course of ongoing business. Legal support of complex transactions, contract drafting, business arbitration and international collection.

Real Estate

Legal representation in sale and lease transactions of private and commercial assets. Worldwide Mediation and Disputes Resolution in both commercial and real estate matters.


As is well known, mediation is an excellent tool that helps resolve disputes efficiently and infinitely outside the court walls. In a mediation proceeding, contrary to a judicial decision, the parties reach an agreed solution with the mediator's assistance. 

Victims of Destructive Cults

Worldwide legal representation of former Destructive Cults members. Preparation of legal adversary opinions in complex cults cases for courts.

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Ron Avital
Ron Avital

Lawyer & Mediator

Irene Avital
Irene Avital

Office Manager

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